Memory according to MSM

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  • Memory according to MSM
    • Sensory memory - initial contact for stimuli/info.
      • This receives incoming information from the senses.
      • It is modality specific which means information from each sensory system is encoded in the corresponding format.
      • Three types of sensory store: iconic memory, for vision, echoic memory, for hearing, and the haptic memory, for touch.
      • The duration of memories is very short. The capacity is surprisingly large (Sperling 1960)
      • Forgetting occurs by decay although it may also happen because information has not been attended to.
    • Short-term memory - the info that we are currently aware of or thinking about.
      • This store receives information from the ** and it uses rehearsal to transfer info to LTM.
      • Limited capacity of 7+/-2 chunks or items and a duration of 30 seconds.
      • Forgetting occurs by displacement if info enters STM more quickly than it can be consolidated and transferred to LTM.
      • Much of STM is encoded in an acoustic form.
    • Long-term memory - continual storage of info which is largely outside of our awareness, but can be called into the sensory memory to be used when needed
      • Encoding in LTM is semantic.
      • Capacity is limitless and the duration is up to a lifetime.
      • Forgetting occurs by decay, retrieval failure or interference.
      • Retrieval may use several mechanisms including various kinds of cues, such as context and state.


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