The Multi Store Model (MSM)

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The Multi Store Model (MSM)

Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrins (1968, 1971) multi store model describes how information flows through the memory system. The model suggest that memory is made up of three stores linked by processing. It is a representation of how memory works in terms of three stores called sensory register, short term memory (STM) and long term memory (LTM). It also describes how information is transferred from one store to another, how it is remembered and how it is forgotten.

Multi Store Model Diagram:

Sensory Register

The memory stores for each of our five senses, such as vision 9iconic store) and hearing (echoic store). Coding in the iconic sensory register is visual and in the choic sensory register it is acoustic. The capacity of sensory registers is huge (millions of receptors) and information lasts for a very short time (less than half a second)

Short Term Memory

(STM) Short Term Memory is the limited capacity memory store. Coding is mainly acoustic; capacity is between 5 and 9 items and duration is between about 18 - 30 seconds. Maintenance rehearsal occurs when we repeat (rehearse) material to ourselves over and over again. We can keep the information in out STM as long as we rehearse is, if we rehearse the information long enough, it passes into our LTM.

Long Term Memory



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