Medicine through the time-factors of change

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  • Factors of change
    • War
      • This improved hygiene in many hospitals because of the Crimean war
      • This also gave people like doctors, nurses and surgeons experience that they would need
    • Religion
      • Churches set up medical schools and universities in the Middle Ages
    • Chance
      • this meant people like Fleming could invent things like penicillin
    • Government
      • In 1948 the labour government set up the NHS
      • The government also set up medical laws such as making vaccinations compulsory
    • Science and technology
      • We wouldn't have discovered many things without the invention of new technology like the microscope in the 1590s
    • Economy
      • In 1909 the government introduced pensions because the economy was doing so well and the rich could afford to pay more taxes
    • Ideas
      • In 1942 the Beveridge report suggested the introduction of the NHS which was introduced in 1948
    • Role of the individual
      • Jenner pushed his ideas on vaccinations even though there was widespread opposition


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