Medicine Through Time Resource Pack

A VERY detailed resources pack for medicine through time. A lot of info included, with exercise sheets. NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!

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Medicine through Time Resource Pack
2 Ancient Medicine
3 Egyptian Medicine
4 Asklepios and Hippocrates
5 Greek Medicine
6 Roman Medicine
7 Roman Public Health
8 Galen
910 The impact of the Dark Ages
1112 Muslim and Christian Medicine
1314 Why was the Renaissance important?
1516 Vesalius, Paré and Harvey
17 The Black Death and the Great Plague
18 Did the Renaissance really make a difference?
19 Changes in the eighteenth century
20 Understanding the causes of disease
2123 Cholera
24 Changes in the nineteenth century
25 Pasteur, Koch and Ehrlich
26 The First and Second World Wars
27 Penicillin and DNA
28 Beginning ­ Middle End
29 Causes ­ Events Results

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Factors of Change
3132 Famous people…read more

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Medicine in Prehistoric Times
How much do you know about Prehistoric medicine?
True False
1 Doctors were trained in prehistoric times.
2 Prehistoric man believed that spirits controlled their world evil ones caused disease.
3 Prehistoric man believed that illness had spiritual causes.
4 War was an important factor of change in prehistoric medicine.
5 Religious figures (Shamans) became very important in medicine in prehistoric.
6 In prehistoric times people believed in the four humours.
7 Prehistoric people worshipped Asklepios.…read more

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Because they thought disease had a spiritual cause, they prayed to their gods for a cure.
26 Prehistoric people extracted teeth.
27 They used spells to drive out the evil spirit and let the person get well again.
28 They also used charms and spells to stop them from getting ill in the first place.
29 The medical care that prehistoric people had did not really help the sick get better.
30 The most serious disease in prehistoric times was cholera.…read more

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Match up the beginnings with the middle and ends of each statement.
1 Egyptians believed in an It was wives and mothers who This meant that they were
after life in which you would have had knowledge of able to build up knowledge
would need your body. herbs and spells. and pass it on.
2 Chance must have played The Egyptians fought many wars We have no real knowledge
a part in discoveries about against peoples from the south of any specific development
medicine.…read more

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Sekhmet, the goddess of The Egyptians began to build They probably gained
war. She caused and large towns and so developed knowledge of the treatment
cured epidemics and forms of public health for the of wounds from warfare.
some of her priests were first time.
also doctors.
10 Most religious leaders The Egyptians developed a form Medical books usually
were men. Women were of writing that allowed them to contain spells and chants
not formally recognised as keep records and write books. rather than remedies.…read more

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He put forward the idea of the four humours.
12 He had temples built to him.
13 He had great influence on Galen.
14 He recommended observation and the keeping of records.
15 He is a mythical figure who may have lived in Ancient Greece.
16 His ideas led to doctors being distinct from priests.
17 He was prayed to as a god.
18 His temples were the first specialised medical buildings
19 Some of his ideas survived until the nineteenth century.…read more

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Greek Medicine
How did medicine change in Ancient Greece? Which of the following developed in Ancient Greece?
1 The belief that disease had natural causes
2 The first use of inoculation
3 The first books that recorded medical evidence
4 The understanding that a simple, healthy lifestyle was important
5 The use of the Hippocratic Oath
6 The first buildings specifically devoted to treating the sick
7 Caesarian operations
8 The first recorded women doctors
9 Awareness of the importance of physical fitness
10 Emphasis…read more

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The creation of a body of specifically medical textbooks
17 The appreciation that observation of patients symptoms was important
18 Emphasis on the need for cleanliness
19 Training for nurses
20 The first effective drainage systems…read more

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Roman Medicine
Why was Roman medicine very effective?
Which of the following were true of medical developments in Roman times?
1 There were public baths in all Roman cities
2 Trained surgeons could deal with battlefield wounds.
3 The Romans gained medical knowledge from the Greeks.
4 Romans did not believe in the Four Humours.
5 Roman soldiers enlisted for long periods so had to be looked after very well.
6 Roman doctors gained experience from treating gladiators.…read more


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