GCSE HISTORY - Medicine Through Time: Factors and Definitions

Revision cards: Medicine Through Time

- Public Health

- Surgery and Anatomy

- Disease and Infection


Key Definitions

Chance - When something which hasn't been predicted happens

Change - When things become different

Progress - Change which leads to improvements

Regress - Change which leads to decline

Continuity - When things don't change

Belief - What a person accpets as true, including faith in God

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Factors Affecting Medicine

Religion - Believing that religion will help you rather than medicine, so at some periods medicinal development was hampered

War - Soldiers need to be cured quickly, so there was reasearch into medicine

Communication - Recordings of ideas, passing through generations

Chance -  New clues and discoveries

Individuals - Some individuals can greatly affect development

Education - From mothers, general hygeine

Government - Provide services

Technology - Advances in technology helped the progression in medicine

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