History Paper One


Q1- 4 Marks

Question One: "Describe Two features of..."

Give one feature, then supporting evidence.

Give a second feature, then supporting evidence.


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Q2a- 8 Marks

Q2: "How useful are Source A and Source B for enquiry into..." WW1

Use Source A and B as well as your own knowledge. Provenence (NOP) , content and context (CAT)

Highlight things relevant to the question in both sources.

Paragraph evaluating NOP, content and CAT of Source A. Link to question.

Paragraph evaluating NOP , content and CAT of Source B. Link to question.

Compare to each other. Link to question.

Conclusion- which is more useful? Link to question.

NOP- Nature, Origin, Purpose.

CAT- Comprehensiveness, Accuracy, Typicality.

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Q2b- 4 Marks

Q2b: "How could you follow up Source (?) to find out more about..." WW1

P1- Detail you would follow up.

Make sure this is specific and reference the text. "The fact that..."

P2- Question you would ask.

"How?", "Why?", "Who?", "When?", "Where?" linked to following up SA.

P3-  What type of source you would use.

Not the same as Source A/B. 

P4- How this may answer my question-

NOP or CAT of source type. Make sure it's relevant.

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Q3- 4 Marks

Q3-  "Explain one way in which (...) was different to (...)" Med through Time

Asking about two time periods.

Clear point sentence.

Say what (...) was like in the first period

Say what (...) was like in the second period.

Highlight the difference.

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Q4- 12 Marks

Q4: "Explain why (...) has changed"

What is the most important factor as to why it has changed?

Given two bullet points (use as two paragraphs)

-Most important factor (topic sentence, examples and link)

-Second most important factor (ts, examples, link)

-Third most important factor (ts, examples, link)

-Conclusion- assess all factors cumulative affect link to Q.

Pick from- Individuals, Government, beliefs, science, war as your own reasons.

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Q5- 16 Marks

Q5- "How far do you agree?" Medicine Through Time marks for SPaG

Given two bullet points, must have one of your own.

Paragraph One- 

Support the statement using a bullet point and/or own point.

Paragraph Two-

Challenge the statement using a bullet point and/or own point.

Paragraph Three-

Conclusion and how far you agree- compare for and against arguments.

Science, tech and communications // Government and individuals // Attitudes in society

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