Wow, this is very very useful, thanks! Just one question, though - which examboard is this information focused on?


Thanks, its edexcel :)


In history, you shouldn't use 'I'. Well thats what I was told anyway :)

Aishah J.

this is the first helpful thing ive ever seen thanks made my life easier. :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, I have this exam on Monday, and I needed to know the format and such, I am a little scared, but more confident now :)

charlie 2000

I had given up all hope of a GCSE in history...


is it the same for aqa?


If this is for the edexcel History paper, you have got the marks wrong. Q1 is worth 8 marks, Q2 is worth 6 marks, Q3 is worth 8 marks, Q4/5 is worth 12 marks, and Q6/7 is worth 16 marks + 3 SPaG.


annalisamack1 - No this was made in 2011 and for a completely different course, I'm doing the same one as you and i need to revise for my mocks

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