Wow, this is very very useful, thanks! Just one question, though - which examboard is this information focused on?


Thanks, its edexcel :)


In history, you shouldn't use 'I'. Well thats what I was told anyway :)

Aishah J.

this is the first helpful thing ive ever seen thanks made my life easier. :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, I have this exam on Monday, and I needed to know the format and such, I am a little scared, but more confident now :)

charlie 2000

I had given up all hope of a GCSE in history...


is it the same for aqa?


If this is for the edexcel History paper, you have got the marks wrong. Q1 is worth 8 marks, Q2 is worth 6 marks, Q3 is worth 8 marks, Q4/5 is worth 12 marks, and Q6/7 is worth 16 marks + 3 SPaG.


annalisamack1 - No this was made in 2011 and for a completely different course, I'm doing the same one as you and i need to revise for my mocks


This would be helpful except there's no sources in medicine through time, at least there aren't in my exam board (we must be using AQA)

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