Factors PPT - INfluence on changes in medicine!

IMperative for exam

Includes all factors which influfenced changes in medicine, will come up in exam.

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Medicine Through Time…read more

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What are factors?
· Factors are the causes that have made things
happen in the history of medicine.
· They are different influences on the
development of medicine.
· Each factor plays an important role in
medicine's changes over time.
· Factors can help or hinder change.…read more

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How do factors work?
· Almost always the factors work together to
produce or prevent development in
· Although we will examine them separately
remember that it would be very unusual for
a single factor to alter the history of
medicine.…read more

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How do we examine factors?
· Identify the factors - see how they worked
together - examine which was most important,
if any.
· What factors led to the development of the
germ theory?
Individuals ­ Pasteur,
Science Government ­
More powerful prize for the
telescope discovery in
France…read more

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So what factors play a part in
· Warfare
· Governments
· Religion
· Chance
· Individuals
· Tradition
· Science and technology…read more

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· War increased the need for
medicine - without effective
medicine there would be no
army to fight!
Roman army hospitals
Paré's ointment and ligatures
Nightingale and the conditions in hospitals
X-rays & Skin grafts…read more

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Miss E


Factors that have brought about or hindered change in medical developments are an important are of study and this powerpoint explains them and gives examples of how they may come up in exam questions.



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