The internet - Hardware

It is a global network of connected computers. Data can be exchanged between computers and devices. 


What is the internet?

It is a worldwide network of interconnected computers. Data is exchanged between devices and computers.

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What is the difference between the Internet and th

The internet is the technology and the hardware wheras the World Wide Web is the web pages, content and data

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What is a server and what it does?

It directs traffic over a network and runs special software to serve computers. 

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What is a client and what it does?

A computer or a device that uses services provided by the server and the computer, mobile or tablet that you use to go on the internet is a client. 

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Devices which direct data through a network

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Connections/cables and backbones

Cables, live wires, telephone lines, etc.

The backbone is a big cable which connects a large number of devices.

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The client is allowed to connect to the internet.

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