Malaria in Ethiopia

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  • Malaria in Ethiopia.
    • Patterns.
      • 75% of country is endemic with malaria.
      • 2/3 people at risk.
      • Kills 7000 people per ear.
      • Highest at risk aregambells provinces, fog ray and Amhara.
    • Causes.
      • Climate
        • Warm, humid conditions at low altitude.
        • Stagnant surface water.
        • Ideal hsbitat
      • Humans.
        • Seasonal population movements consider with rainy season, meaning overcrowdingmakes it spread easily
    • Impact
      • Missing work due to being ill, means regression of economic growth and increase in poverty
      • Costs healthcare system a lot to treat malaria.
    • Strange ties to control.
      • Direct
        • Eradicate mosquitoes - (spraying insects ties, reducing stagnant sater ponds
      • Indirect
        • Education on malaria, early. Diagnosis and treatment and distribution on insecticide beds.


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