The impact of global warming

The impacts of global warming on Africa

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impact of climate change on Africa


  • aquaculture will decline - Madagascam Prawn fisheries and Tuna fisheries of the West Coast of Africa will decline
  • large scale agriculture may suffer - Madagascan vanills, Ghana's cocoa beans, coffee (all climate dependent)
  • Migration could lead to pressure on jobs, food and water supply - could lead to conflict
  • Coastal cities could be wiped out by rising sea levels/storms
  • Government may be under pressure to invest huge amount of money in coastal protection, GM crops (drought) etc.
  • 1-2% decrease in Africa in GDP
  • Niger river basen - secreased river flow in the last 50 years - impact on HEP scheme that was planned
  • Affected: farmers at subsitence levels, Big businesses and TNCs - Starbucks - coffee - Ghana, cadburys - cocoa - Ghana, tourism is affected - travel companies, hotel chains declines - declines as coral reefs are damaged be bleaching - safari animals become harder to spot - Kenya, Egypt, Madagascar most affected  textile companies - cotton from Egypt - health impacts on their workers, prices may increase
  • Crop yields could be reduced by as much as 50% - problem of malnutrition even worse
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impact of climate change on Africa


  • Increased drought - crops fail, livestock die - subsistence farmers hugely affected, famine, starvation (Malawi and Ethiopia mostly affected)
  • Increase in flooding and droughts - food insecurity in Mozambique
  • Migration of environmental refugees to coastal cities e.g. Lagos, Accra
  • Water - demand exceeds supply for 25% of Africans
  • Food - 70%-80% are subsitence farmers - increased flooding/drought - crops won't grow - won't be able to feed themselves 
  • Natural resources - those living in marginal environments rely on wild plants and animals to support their way of life.
  • Health - increawsed vector borne diseases and water borne diseases e.g. Malaria & diarrhoea 
  • Coastal flooding - 60% of Africans live in coastal zones (Accra, Lagos) at risk of flooding and erosion. The risk will increase as sea levels rise.
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impact of climate change on Africa

Any positives?


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impact of climate change on Africa

Key Points:

  • Afria is the most vulnerable region in terms of human vulnerability
  • the population is dependent on climate sensitive resources (local water and ecosystems) and they have very limited ability to adapt
  • There are 55 countries in Africa - in 1010 2/3 of them were among the world's 50 poorest countries.
  • Many countries owe millions in debt
  • They do not contribute much to global warming but it will affect them the most: Temperature increase by 3-4 degrees above mean global average, tainfall will increase in equatorial regions - flooding, rainfwall with decrease in the North and South - drought.
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