Explain the difference in health around the world essay

Explain the difference in health around the world essay

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Hugo Clay DivPhilosophy
Explain the reasons for the differences in the health around the world.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a "state of complete physical,
mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity". The levels of health
vary all around the world due to many reasons. This can include the climate which can affect people's
lifestyles and therefore affect health. It also may be due to the development of a country, LEDCs and
MEDCs both play an important role when seeking the differences in health all around the world. The
government play a part also they must choose whether to have a health system which is paid by
taxpayers or to have a private health care system. The diets of certain countries also affect the health
of the country. Japan for example have a common diet of fish and rice aiding them to be have
good heath.
Figure 1. shows the development of countries. Countries in Western Europe, Australia, USA
and Canada all are MEDCs GDP per capita is about $20,000Whereas the majority of Africa is made
up of LEDCs, where the GDP per capita is less than $1,000. These statistics of development help to
illustrate the reasons why health varies all over the world.
The development of a country can be measured in many different ways infant mortality, life
expectancy, birth and death rates and average number of people per doctor are all different measures.
An LEDC stands for a "Less Economically Developed Country" and an MEDC stands for a "More
Economically Developed Country". Africa is made of only LEDCs (it can be argued that South Africa
is an NIC) and Eastern Europe is mainly all MEDCs. Sudan is found in the East of Africa is clearly an
LEDC. According to a stud carried out by "CIA ­ The World Factbook" its GDP per capita is just
$2,200 compared to the UK which is $36,700. Another factor proving the development of a country is
the Life Expectancy which is clearly linked to health also. Life Expectancy is the average number of
years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant
in the future. The Life Expectancy of Sudan is just 51.42 whereas in the UK it's 79.01. These figures
are due to a lot reasons but the main reason for the very low Life Expectancy of Sudan is due to
people's health. Angola is another LEDC with a Life Expectancy of just 38.20. This is even worse
than Sudan and the level of health care can be illustrated in the next figure. In Angola there are over
15,000 people per doctor. Compare this to the UK where there is 610 people per doctor. This makes it

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Hugo Clay DivPhilosophy
very difficult to stay healthy because as soon as you have a disease you will struggle to find a doctor to
help you. The small number of doctors is linked back to the state of the economy. With the GNP per
capita in Angola being $600 it proves it's a very poor country. This means the education is very poor in
Angola as not many people are clever enough or have the facilities to grow up to be a doctor.…read more

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Hugo Clay DivPhilosophy
comes at the peak of malaria season therefore many people enter the poverty cycle. People become to
ill to work. Without work, health cannot be afforded. Without good health, work cannot be done.
Diseases like Malaria and Cholera are found only in tropical and subtropical zones. The hot
climate allows insects which carry the disease to breed much faster. In Britian in 19th century there
were serious cholera ipidemics and malaria was a problem in SE England.…read more

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Hugo Clay DivPhilosophy
Figure 3. shows how much money the government spend on health care. Most of Western Europe and
Australia spend the most amount of money which emphasises how the MEDCs generally have a
better health care system. Places like India suffer massively due to less money being spent by the
Smoking often causes many illnesses around the world. In the UK smoking kills around
114000 people per year and treating smokingrelated diseases costs the NHS about £1.7 billion a year.…read more


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