Lobes of the cerebral cortex

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  • Lobes of the cerebral cortex
    • Frontal lobes: associated with higher mental abilities, sense of self and control of movement
      • primary motor area: directs body's muscles and contains mirror neurons (neurons that get activated when a motor action is carried out and when another organism is observed carrying out the same action)
      • Frontal association cortex: combines and processes info - damage leads to: aphasia (impaired ability to use language) -
        • Broca's area: speech center; damage causes motor aphasia i.e.difficulty in speaking or writing - related to grammar and pronunciation
      • Prefrontal area: related to more complex behaviors and sense of self,emotional life, reasoning and planning - drug abuse can damage this area
    • Parietal lobes: area where bodily sensations register
      • Primary somatosensory area: receiving area for body sensations
    • Temporal lobes: located on each side of the brain; hearing registers in this part
      • Primary auditory area: hearing registers here first
      • Wernicke's area: related to language comprehension; damage leads to receptive aphasia - difficulty in understanding the meaning of the words
    • Occipital lobe: where vision registers
      • Primary visual area: first receives input from eyes - damage can cause visual agnosia: inability to identify seen objects
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