The Brain

A2 mind map on the brain.

Hope it helps.

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  • The Brain
    • Hearing
      • Sensory information sent from ears to the auditory area of temporal lobes
    • Movement
      • Nerve impulses start in frontal lobes behind the forehead
    • Sight
      • Messages from optic nerves are sent to a visual area of the occipital lobes
        • The occipital lobes are in the cerebral cortex - back of the head
    • Speech/Language
      • Occurs in the left hemisphere of the brain
        • Wernicke's area - situated in left temporal lobe
        • Broca's area - situated in left frontal lobe
    • Touch and feeling
      • Nerve impulses sent to somato sensory areas of parietal lobes


Sam Morran


I like this resource.  Simple but it helps you to visualise the different areas.  May help if you find it difficult to put it all together.

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