Son of God

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  • Jesus Christ
    • Son Of God
      • Council of Chalcedon 451AD when Jesus was decided to be the Son of God
        • truly God and truly man
      • Christology
        • Christology from above - Jesus' relationship with God and his divinity
        • Christology from below - Jesus' examples and teachings. God's relationship with the world
      • Scripture
        • the father and I are one -  John 10:30
        • whoever has seen me has seen the father - John 14:9
        • Yahweh - the great I am
      • Dale Martin
        • Jesus never said he was the Son of God, he wanted to be a teacher and liberator, he was only said to be the Son of God after his death
      • John Hick
        • metaphorical understanding of the incarnation
          • 'the mythic story'
          • 'God's nature reflected in that human response'
        • liberal interpretation of the incarnation. against the church as it 'waters down religion'
      • Miracles
        • 'who then is this, that even the wind and sea obey him' Mark 4:41
        • 'miracles prove that Jesus was the Son of God'
          • agree
            • no one else like Jesus who has had the same impact as he has had on history and society
            • Divine powers passed down from God shows special relationship
            • no smoke without fire - he has so many followers for a reason, something must have happened
            • very specific miracles
          • disagree
            • David Hume' s essay on miracles  - we cannot trust the accounts, even if the authors believed them
            • Jesus never directly claimed to be the Son of God
            • conspiracy theories - just because many people believe them doesn't mean its true
            • miracles preformed at Lourdes, doesn't mean Jesus is Son of God
    • Salvation
      • miracles illustrate a renewed society
      • Jesus metaphorically opened our eyes to the wonder of God  -  brought salvation in doing so
    • Resurrection
      • triumphing life over death
      • 'visibly and ambiguously' reveals he is God
      • If Christ has not been raised, teaching is useless and so is faith' (Paul to 1 Corinthians)
      • Alister McGrath 'gives both foundation and substance to the Christian hope of eternal life'


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