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Mediums can be hoaxes.
People go to them for comfort so are happy to
settle for reassurance.
For example, `this person is in a happy place.'
When someone dies, someone close to them
may look for signs of them everywhere,
where they usually wouldn't.…read more

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Ghosts can be seen as
evidence.…read more

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· There is no full support for ghosts, only
things that can be edited.
· Ghosts could be mistaken identity.
· Dr Deepak Chopra said our body's are
comprised of energy, ghosts could be an
impulse of energy left behind when a
person dies.
· Can be hoaxes…read more

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Reincarnation can be seen as
evidence-supported by evolution.
(Animals that have become
extinct may be why population
has increased)…read more

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· There are more people in the world
now than there were 500 years ago-
reincarnation.…read more

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