KETT REBELLION: Social and Local

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    • Local factors
      • as little open field farming left, demands about land rights focused on rights to common land
        • feodary (representative of Court of Wards) not enter agreements with tenants in chief
      • substantial numbers bondmen in Norfolk-
        • wanted bondmen to be freed as Howards highly conservative; retained villeinage/ *******
          • after fall of Howard, bondmen petitioned Somerset for manumission (freedom)
        • Howard manors sites of rebel activity as critical of Norfolk
      • deliberately constructed alternative form of local justice/admin
      • focus of local corn trade; restricting number dove cotes; fencing rabbit warrens to improve region's arable farmers
      • emphasis on local grievances regardless first demand about foldcourse system generally or only saffrom growers
    • Social Conflict
      • directed against local gentry - alienation felt by rebels towards social superiors
        • wished recapture watertight compartments of past? Each interfering as little as poss with other?
        • felt being robbed of traditional rights/customs
      • didn't want gentry as landlords or local governors (often magistrates)
        • protect smallholder rights against foldcourse
      • limit gentry ability exploit roles as crown officials
        • eg. gentry members of Court of Wards also under service of higher landowner could help patron purchase lucrative warships by revealing confidential info
          • wanted feodary independent of landowner & yearly elected
  • extreme breakdown of trust between governing class & those who normally sustained local govt


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