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Tudor Rebellions during the
reigns of Edward VI and Mary I…read more

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Causes of Western Rebellion ­ 1549
· Religious changes ­ Due to the changes to religion
under Somerset and the Uniformity Act, many
(especially the Cornish) were not happy with the new
doctrine. They were unhappy with the removal of
images of Catholicism and the new prayer books and
· Economic Factors ­ Historian Antony Fletcher sees that
economic factors such as the sheep tax and further
taxes on land were also a contributing factor. However
it is generally acknowledged that religious changes
were the root of the problems.…read more

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Events in the Western Rebellion
· Begun in Cornwall where much hated William
Body and his activities as rumours began
about the fears of confiscation of church lands
and goods.
· Protesters assembled in Cornwall and
marched to Devon in which they joined rebels
who were annoyed by the new prayer book.
· The local gentry were not able to resolve it in
their county.…read more

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Rebel demands
· 1) Wanted the return to religion under the Act
Of Six Articles.
· 2) Wanted the return to mass in Latin
· 3) Transubstantiation ­ drinking of the bread
and wine.…read more

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What did the government do?
· Somerset only had limited resources (due to
the amount of troops in Scotland at the time)
and sent Lord Russel to settle it peacefully 8
days after the breakout.
· There was a lack of help from the Gentry and
due to Somerset's small army, the rebellion
was broken down on the 16th of August,
almost a month after the rebellion began.
· Somerset did not act quickly enough.…read more

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Causes of Kett's Rebellion 1549
· Collapse of Cloth industry ­ East Anglia was
very densely populated and after the collapse,
unemployment was high.
· Enclosure ­ After a drunken feast in the town,
residents began to break down the enclosure
fences. They attacked local lawyer Flowerdew'
s land.…read more

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