Tourism Keywords

Keywords under the headings of the OCR AS Geography Specification with examples.

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How has the
pattern of global
Tourism Travel away from the home environment for leisure, recreation and
holidays, to visit friends and relatives (VFR) and for business/ professional
reasons, it can be either domestic tourism or foreign tourism. E.g. A safari
The most popular form of tourism, where you have a fixed all inclusive price
in advance, usually booked through a travel agent who arranges the travel,
Package Tour accommodation and meals which can all be included in the price as well as
extras such as car hire. E.g the First Package tours were arranged by
Thomas Cook in 1841 taking visitors from Leicester to Loughborough.
The reasons why people travel, these used to be for health purposes for
the rich who would visit English seaside towns, but now since the
Travel Motivators
development of paid holidays and budget airlines, there are now three main
reasons, leisure, business and VFR. E.g. Health, business
International Tourist A method of measuring tourists, this is the number of tourists travelling to
Arrivals a country which is not their place of residence, for more than one day but
not longer than a year. E.g 2005 International tourist arrivals exceeded 800
International Tourist The other main method of measuring tourists, this is the money spent by
Receipts visitors from abroad in a destination county, this is harder to measure. E.g
2005 international tourist receipts totalled $680 billion
Tourist Destination This is a country which receives a significant number of international
Country tourists, these are normally MEDCs which are mature tourist destinations
which still attract tourists. E.g 2005 France was the top tourist destination
in terms of International Tourist Arrivals with 76 million.
Tourist Generating This a country which produces a significant number of tourists, these still
Country tend to be the wealthy MEDCs although emerging countries are also
starting to produce large numbers of tourists. E.g The UK
Globalisation This is a reason for the growth of tourism, it means the increasing
interconnectedness of the world economically, culturally and politically.
External Shock This is a reason for the changing numbers of tourists because the tourism
is vulnerable to them as it is an economic, political or other trend or event
in a major market that significantly reduces the demand for tourism at a
particular destination or range of destinations. E.g. SARS epidemic in South
East Asia early 2003
Niche Markets This term describes the small markets that deal in a specialised product,
such as the new types of tourism. E.g Gambling Tourism holidays to Las

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tourism and
Gross Domestic A measure of how developed a country is, it is the total value of all goods
Product (GDP) and services produced in a country (the geographical boundary) regardless
of a producer's nationality.…read more

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What are the
social, economic
associated with
the growth of
Community Structure The form and development of the community in human
populations, a changing community structure is a problem caused
by the growth of tourism. E.g The Masaii Tribe, Kenya, who were
traditionally pastoralists and now some have become landowners.…read more

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How can
tourism be
managed to
Sustainability Improving the quality of life while living in the earth's carrying
Sustainable Development which meets the needs of the present without
Development compromising the ability of future generations to meet their
Sustainable Tourism Tourism organised in such a way that its level can be sustained in
the future without creating irreparable environmental, social and
economic damage to the receiving area.…read more

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with the money from the entrance fee and ensures the
environment is not too badly damaged. E.g Inca Trail to Peru,
there is a maximum of 500 permits to walk along it, limiting the
number of tourists to around 200.…read more


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