Italy Foreign Policy 1923-1941 (wip)

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Green flag - more success

Orange flag - both partial success and partial failure

red flag - more failure

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  • Italy Foreign Policy 1923-1941
    • 1923-1932
      • Corfu Crisis 1923 - upset LoN, however Greece paid and seen as a success at home
      • Locarno Pact 1925 - mediated, seen as success at home
      • Albania as a Protectorate 1925 - to get Dalmatia, increased Italian influence, persecution of Slovene in NE Italy raised tensions
      • Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928 - signatories agreed to not use war as an instrument of policy (ignored and broken) helped with relations with France
    • 1933-1935
      • Four-Power Pact 1933 - mediated, showed Italy as a great leader and as accepted to other countries
      • Stresa Conference 1935 - co-operated with Allies, established Stresa Front - stood against violations of ToV but meant little - they pursued their own interests and by end of 1935 had disintergrated
      • Abyssinian War 1935-36 - claimed he had won, domestic support had increased (e.g. gold rings wives gave), cost 16 billion, affected international relations
      • Spanish Civil War 1935-39 - lost equipment, worsened relations, lost popularity, dependency on Germany, weakened Italy
    • 1936-1937
      • Axis Agreement 1936 - sacked and replaced anti-Nazi officials, helped alignment with Germany, worsened other relations
      • Battle of Guadalajara 1937 - supply problems, tanks stranded, disaster, losing popularity
      • Anti-Comintern Pact 1937 - linked with Germany and Japan, damaged Allies relations - it was also a largely anti-British grouping
    • 1938-1939
      • Munich Conference 1938 - mediator between Germany and Britain on claims on Czechoslovakia
      • Pact of Steel 1939 - unpopular in Italy, allowed Germany to draw terms, cut ties with Allies, humiliating list of economic requests not met
    • 1939-1941
      • Invasion of Egypt 1940 - didn't work, leaders reluctant and army widely spread, unpopular
      • Battle of Taranto 1940 - lacked carriers and lost to Britain, half Italian fleet out of action, 130,000 troops captured by February as well as 400 tanks and 850 guns, Italian East African Empire conquered, empire came tumbling down in months


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