Mussolini' Italy - Timeline


Timeline of Mussolini's Italy....Condensed. Colour Key = Social, Political, Foreign Policy, Economic

  • 1924: March on Rome, Mussolini appointed Prime Minister
  • 1923: Fascist Grand Council founded,    Gentile School Reforms, Acerbo Law
  • 1924: Acquisition of Fiume, Election Victory of fascist led 'National List',  The Matteotti AffairStart of press Censorship
  • 1925: Battle of Grain launched, Italian mediation at Locarno Treaties,
  • 1926:  Rocco Law, Ministry of Corporations establishedFormation of ONB  
  • 1927:  Police state established,Battle for Births Launched, Battle for the Lira launched.   
  • 1928Battle for Land launched, One-party State established. 
  • 1929Concordat between Muss. and the papacy
  • 1930




March on Rome was 1922