Issues in Russia 1900

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  • Issues in Russia 1900
    • Only 0.5% of population were middle class
      • Little growth and entrepreneurial skills
    • Climate made life difficult
      • Only western parts were productive as it had the best climate
    • Bad transport, few rail links led to bad communication
    • Low national pride/ morale
    • Over 100 different nationalities
      • Cultural and language differences
      • Didn't feel part of one nation
      • Wanted separation from Russia and to rule themselves
    • Over 80% of population were peasants
      • unwilling to change, used basic tools and no machinery
    • Industrial growth way behind Europe
    • High amounts of coal and iron ore but little factories to exploit these
    • Country hard to control and rule
      • Top of russian hierarchy all support each other as wealth came from the tsar


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