russian revolution (part 1)

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Russian Revolution (Part 1)

Russia faced many problem:

  • Large country with about 129 million people. 
  • Some of nationalities wanted independence.
  • In argiculture they still use traditional method.
  • Land were given base on family influence and size. As a result there were too many peasant but little land.
  • Russian workers suffered working long hours for low wages. Living conditions were dreadful.
  • Serfdom had led to peasant uprising, poor agricuture outlet, and exploitation of serfs by lords.

Russo-Japanese War:

  • Russians had established a sphere of influence in Manchuria and now sought Korea.
  • Humilliating defeat of Russian fleet by Japan and bloody war on land resulted in Russia turning away from East Asia and focusing instead on the Balkans.
  • Poor harvest in 1900-02 along with industrial depression. As a result  in 1904 Russia was experiencing


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