Issues in Remote Rural environment

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  • Issues in Remote Rural Environment (RRE)
    • Inaccessibility and lack of economic activity
      • Inaccessible = no easy transport links
        • results in physical difficulties or physical isolation
      • Inaccessibility = areas looking unattractive to modern industry because although most industry is now footloose
        • investors move near to large urban markets to keep transport costs low
      • Footloose
        • able to travel freely and do as one pleases due to the lack or responsibilities
      • Rural areas have limited range of economic activities and a lower wage level
        • no competition
        • Wales = 20% below European average
        • Cornwall = 25% below European average
      • last 20 years = 65,000 job loses in farming
        • Due to advances in machinery + changes in mind frame
          • No one wanting to work on farms instead in tertiary
    • Poor service provision
      • decline in population = impacts the provision of services in RRE
      • services are there for the people
        • population numbers fall- services become non-viable and will become withdrawn
      • Primary schools
        • due to the young population moving out= them not having children in RRE
        • Employment decreases after closure
          • less spending power in local shops + entertainment facilities and reduction in their income
        • Areas become less attractive and more out-migration occurs
      • improvements in transport
        • increases the accessibility
        • affects the service provision
        • Government policies have seen some services updated and centralised in larger settlements
          • E.g. hospitals, government offices, postal services
        • Policy driven by economics and claim they are more efficient
      • Most people are car owners so demand for public transport is less
        • Public transport is managed by completing companies
          • Concerned by making a profit
        • will not operate in remote rural areas


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