Issues in Rural Environments

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  • Issues in Remote Rural Environments
    • A rural environment
      • An area sufficiently distant from major urban areas so not to be affected by suburbanisation or counterurbanisation
    • Peripheral
      • Locations describes in terms of both location and their economy
    • 600,000 people living in remote or very sparsely populated areas in the UK
    • Out-migration- leave region/community to another
    • Brain drain
      • he emigration of highly trained people from a particular country
    • Out-migration and ageing population
      • the development of transport and communications has facilitated the out-migration of large numbers from rural peripheral regions
      • Preception of rural areas
        • old fashioned
        • Dull
        • lacing in economic and social opportunities
        • Reality - little entertainment
      • Perception of Urban Areas
        • modern
        • Young
        • Vibrant
        • Reality- hard too get jobs/ houses
      • economic hardship is a reality of many remote rural areas
      • With increasing out-migration the rural population gets older and fewer young people are left to support the population
      • Some peripheral regions have experienced an in-migration of second home-owners and retired people
        • Lead to an increase of house pries and the character of the settlement can change
        • Done little to curb the out-migration of younger age groups


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