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Rebranding Places
Edexcel…read more

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· What is it?
· Birmingham
· Urban tourism
· Blackpool
· London Olympics 2012
· Rural Rebranding
· The Eden project
· Exam questions…read more

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What is rebranding?
· Rebranding is giving a place an image
· It is publicising and marketing a place to
create a fresh 'identity` in the minds of potential
investors, the public and the international
· It is not just about regeneration! (Rebranding
does usually go hand in hand with
regeneration schemes though.)
Can you think of any places that have
been regenerated and little change has
come about?…read more

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Why is rebranding needed?
· Urban areas are dynamic and face continuous challenges
· National and global changes have brought about a negative spiral
of decline within many rural areas and urban settlements
Examples of change
Decline of traditional industries (primary and
Changes in the global economy
Technological development
Political processes and change…read more

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The product of change: urban dereliction
What potential exists for redeveloping a Brownfield
site such as this?
How could this site be used as a focus to rebrand?…read more

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How to rebrand?
There are several pathways to rebranding a place:
Each of these routes have a
wide range of possible
n For each pathway:
Explain how that pathway
could contribute to
image rebranding
Culture Sport Give examples to support
your argument
gy…read more

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