(Hardy/Eliot) Fear

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  • Fear
    • Hollow Men
      • 'Not with a bang but a whimper'
        • 'whimper' suggests cowardice (society is unable to function)
          • Men are 'trapped inside their own...private cave of feeling' seen with 'unflattering exactness'
        • Onomat-opoeia suggest a metaphorical bomb
          • Survived  WW1, but real death will be of society
          • Sound alludes to postwar PTSD
        • Paradoxical effect of 'hollow' + 'stuffed' (souls cannot be reformed)
          • Repetition of 'Between' (trapped in an intermittent state/ purgatory)
            • Repetitive use of 'we' pronouns creates an inclusive effect
          • Society is not a blank slate (beyond a mental breakdown)
            • Not blessed to enter Dante's Paradiso
      • 'tumid river'/ 'multi foliate rose'
        • Alludes to Dante's Paradiso (positivity/ salvation in death)
        • Dante's Inferno: river Acheron (damned must cross to enter the land of the dead)
        • Contrasts to 'the crowd flowed over London Bridge'
          • Swollen river suggests the underworld is drowning in the great number of  deaths
    • Animula
      • 'curl up the small soul in the window seat behind the Encyclopedia'
        • 'window' suggests enlightenment but is never opened
          • Watches others but does not act (ignorance was bliss)
        • Continuous theme of lack of movement (Prufrock)
          • Poem follows a structure: in this section the 'soul withdraws from the world'
        • 'Encyclopedia' is a modernist image, suggests education
          • 'behind' creates a recessive/ backward effect
        • Sibilance emphasises he is letting life slip away
        • Hadrian died having lived a full life. Now Eliot fears for his soul
          • 'the simple soul', (Dante's purgatory) a seeker of God who is deflected by daily trifles and follies.
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