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  • Connections
    • Marina
      • 'Granite islands...Woodthrush calling through the fog...My daughter.'
        • 'Woodthrush' is a symbol of solidarity/ suggests land is near
        • 'Granite' is an igneous rock - cooled passion/love now harsh/ lifeless/ isolated
          • Solidity juxtaposed with 'what' - daughter in sight/ strong foundations
        • 'Fog' obscures sight/ a 'mist over eyes'/ blinded by grief - In Prufrock it represented disease/ corruption
        • Contrasts to 'O My daughter' (lamentation).Ends with a conclusion instead of question
          • Poem alludes to Shakespeare's 'Pericles' + explores the theme of paternity + rediscovery
            • Suggests victory over death is decided at the end of the poem
      • 'Those who sit in the sty of contentment, meaning Death.'
        • 'Sty' is also an eye illness - suggests lack of cleanliness + clouded eyesight
          • It 'seems to represent a withdrawal from the outer world and an exploration of the inner life'
            • Eliot was Baptised into the 'anglo-catholic' church in 1927
        • Beauty of life ('hummingbird') is negated by death - Answer of life/question
        • 'Sty' creates connotations of pigs wallowing in mud - oxymoronic quality of 'contentment'
        • 'Sit' suggests lack of movement
    • The Voice
      • 'air-blue'/'breeze'/'dissolved'
        • Emma is now at one with nature (Hardy has not lost her)
          • Romanticism (artistic/ literary movement which developed a deep love for nature & the supernatural)
        • Insubstantial quality creates a ghostly effect (slipping out of his grasp)
        • 'faltering forward, leaves around me falling'
          • Soft 'f' alliteration mimics the falling of leaves (she fell + he is falling)
            • Onomatopoeic quality suggests he is deafened by her death (overcome)
          • 'through the thorn'
            • Grief is difficult + slow but he is still pushing through
            • Sharp alliteration creates a painful/ tortuous effect
        • Natural imagery of sky creates a freeing effect
          • Emma was born in Cornwall and loved the sea (she moved when they married)
        • Contrasts to 'oozing' which creates a heavy/ trapped effect
    • Portrait of a Lady


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