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  • Imagery
    • HARDY
      • The Spell of the Rose
        • 'ript the rose from the walls'
      • The Going
        • 'you were the swan-necked one'
          • Swans are noted to mate for life
            • 'one' highlights solitary nature.
          • Use of pronoun suggests blame/ infatuation/ separation
          • Swans seen as stately creatures (cold/ indifferent)
        • 'bending boughs'
    • ElIOT
      • Flowers
        • Rhapsody
          • 'her hand twists a paper rose'
            • Roses are typical symbols of love
            • 'paper' creates an artificial/ fragile effect
            • Eliot blamed women for many of the failings in society
        • Burial of the Dead
          • 'breeding lilacs out of the dead land'
            • Lilacs can be symbols of either love or death (challenging Romanticism)
            • 'breeding' creates connotations of disease/ contamination
              • WWII has contaminated society, no can only breed more corruption
            • 'slowly twisting the lilac stalks'
              • Repetition of 'twist' suggests squeezing life out of flower
              • 'slowly' creates a tortuous effect
              • Creates a nervous atmosphere (down-cast/ not meeting eyes)


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