International factors

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  • International factors
    • International events
      • The Olympics
        • 1972 Munich
          • 11 Israei  athletes were kidnapped fron thr olympic village
            • 2 terorists and 5 hostages were killed
              • This is because the palestinians racially attacked the jews
        • 1968 Mexico
          • Tommie Smith and John Carlos both won lots of medals
            • Whe they recieved there medals they performed the black power salute staging a silent protest
              • They did this to recognise the treatment of black at the time
        • 1976 Montreal
          • 26 African countries  boycotted the games
            • Africa threatened the games so they could get rid of Newzealend so they boycotted
        • 1936 Berlin
          • Jesse Owens won several medals
            • Hitler refused to award his medals to him as he was not part of the Aryan race because he was black
              • Onlt members of the Aryan race could compete for Germany
        • 1980 Moscow
          • One of the biggest boycotts in the olympic history
            • The USA and 61 other countries boycotted the games following from the soviet union invasion of afganhistan
        • 1984 Los Angeles
          • Eastern black countries  boycotted the games
            • money was causing problems  and debt
            • 1st comercialised olympics
    • hosting an international event
      • Advantages
        • Medals rally -home field advantage
        • motivation to younger generation
        • creates employment and profits for local buisnesses
        • the nation is behind are home team
        • world class facilites
        • sustainable tourism
      • disadvantages
        • waste of facilities
        • short term employment
        • pressure on local are to give country a good reoutu=ation
        • lack of organisation can make the country look bad
        • its expensive
        • possibilities of terrorist attacks




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