international factors

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  • International Factors
    • International Events
      • disadvantages
        • jobs only temporary
        • oppertunity for terrorists
        • can be expensive to host
      • advantages
        • creates jobs
        • creates world class facilities for athletes
        • training sites revanmped
        • attracts tourists and businesses to the area
        • chance for profit
    • International Incidents
      • munich- 1972
        • 9 isreili athletes kidnapped and killed by palistinians becasue they wanted release of their own hostages
      • berlin - 1936
        • Jesse owens won 4 gold medels but hitler refused to give them to him because he belived in white supremecy and Jesse was black
      • mexico - 1968
        • Tommy smith and John carlos did a black power salute to make a statement against black discrimination in America
      • moscow - 1980
        • Usa and 61 other countries boycotted the soviet olympics becasue the soviet union invaded Afghanistan
      • LA - 1984
        • Soviet Union boycottted the olympics in Los Angeles because USA boycotted the Soviet olympics
  • Tour De France
  • Six Nations Rugby
  • Wimbledon
  • Golf Masters
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