International factors

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  • International Factors
    • Hosting an International event
      • Advantages
        • Increase in tourism and profits increase
        • Improved facilities around the countries
        • encourages hosting of other international events
        • uniting the national country/pride
      • Disadvantages
        • Expensive-some countries cannot afford this.
        • increase in crime
        • increase in riots and protests
        • threat of terrorists
    • Types of competition
      • Ladder competition
        • you play the same number of games
        • limited number of people can play
        • certain number of people enter competition and are ranked 1,2,3,4
      • Round robin
        • same number of games
      • Knockout tournament
        • huge numbers of teams can enter
        • world cup or Wimbledon
        • players are seeded or ranked, winners go through to next round until there is only two people
      • combination
        • round robin/ladder competition followed by knockout tournament
    • Olympic games
      • Attracts tourists and trade after the games have finished
      • local businesses will do good trade
      • become expensive to host the games
      • add pressure to citys infrastructure and there is a threat of terrorism


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