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  • Chapter 10- International Factors
    • why do we have INTERNATIONAL sport?
      • opputunity to travel as spectators and players
      • brings people from different cultures together
      • inspire a generation
      • draw attention to minor sports
      • creates a home advantage for host country
    • History of the Olympic Games
      • 1936 Berlin, Germany
        • black athlete, Jesse Owens, took home 4 gold medals. frustrated Hitler as black skin wasn't part of his ideal race. hitler didn't present medals
      • 1968 Mexico City, Mexico
        • SMITH and CARLOS both came 3rd and 1st in 200m race. At cermony, both lowered heads and raised hands during national anthem. Protest to TREATMENT OF BLACKS. Bothe expelled next dy
      • 1972, Munich, Germany
        • 8 arab terrorist entered the olympic village and killed 11 Israeli athletes.
      • 1976,  Montreal Canada
        • an african boycott due to New zealand rugby tour of South africa left out 26 competing countries. drug allegations of East German swimmers as well.
      • Moscow, Soviet Union
        • biggest boycott in history after soviet invasion of Afghanistan. USA and 61 other countries decided to boycott the games.
      • LA, USA
        • Soviets boycotted this games due to America doing it in the last games.First olympics to have corporate sponsors. turned a profit of $225 million first games to turn a profit since 1932.
    • Hosting an  International Event
      • Profits for a range of businesses
      • sustainable tourism bring foreigners back
      • can make a country look good
      • increases pride to unite behind host country.
      • increasing chances of more medals.- Home advantage
      • Legacy - World class facilities are then used by all.
      • motivation to a new generation
      • brings attention to minority sports
      • Brings attention to paralympics-changes perceptions
      • huge cost to build facilities
      • possibility of major terrorist attacks
      • if it goes badly - country looks bad.
      • facilities may be wasted
      • its only short term jobs available
      • security is expensive
      • pressure  on local area to crack down on crime
    • Types of Competition
      • LADDER
      • KNOCKOUT
  • 8 arab terrorist entered the olympic village and killed 11 Israeli athletes.


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