International factors

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  • International Factors
    • International Events
      • Wimbledon
      • FA cup
      • Formula 1
      • Olympics
      • Commonwealth
      • Tour de France
      • Sports with high profile in the media with no world championship
        • Premier League
        • NFL
        • Superbowl
        • Grand National
    • Why do we have international sport?
      • Inspires a generation and increases particaption by stimulating interest
      • Brings people together from different cultures/countries
      • Creates a home advantage often more home medal winners
      • Opportunity to travel as spectators and players
      • Political and financial controversies
        • 1936- Berlin, Hitler believed in Aryan racial superiority. Hitler refused to shake Jessie Owen's hand. POLITICAL CONTROVERSY
        • 1968- Mexico, Tommie Smith and John Carlos wore black socks and raised a black gloved fist to represent unity. POLITICAL CONTROVERSY
        • 1972-Munich, Palestinian terrorists take 9 hostages from the Israeli team and 2 were killed. POLITICAL CONTROVERSY
        • 1976- Montreal was in a 1.5 billion debt. Tanzania lead a boycott because the olypic comitee refused to bar the New Zealand rugby tour.
        • 1980- Moscow, Russia invaded in 1979. USA and 60 other countries boycotted. POLITICAL CONTROVERSY.
        • 1984- Los Angeles, Soviet Union and 14 allies boycotted for revenge on the USA. It was also the first Games to make a profit of 225 million. FINANCIAL CONTROVERSY
      • Hosting an International Event
        • Unites the country and gains a home advantage
        • Improves status therefore attracts more tourists therfore mproves economy and buisinesses
        • Creates jobs while builiding word class facilities and revamping existing facilities
        • Country gets recognised which attracts other international competitions
        • There is  potential for failure
        • Threat of terrorism
        • Expensive as some countries cant afford it
    • Types of competition
      • Knockout
        • Only one chance, loads of teams
        • Huge numbers and easy to organise
      • Round Robin
        • e.g group stages of the World Cup
        • Lots of teams enter, a clear winner, home and away
      • Combination
        • Group stages followed by knockout
      • Ladder
        • Players are ranked in terms of ability levels and a player can challenge someone above them
        • It is easy to organise, short amount of time to play it an everyone plays each other
        • Not everyone plays everybody else


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