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  • Injury
    • Internally caused injuries
      • Overuse injuries
        • caused by training too much
        • stress fractures
        • muscle and tendon injuries
      • Sudden injuries
        • strain put on the body due to lots of stretching, twisting and turning
        • problems such as hamstring pulls
    • Externally caused injuries
      • caused my factors other than the performer
      • Foul play or incorrect actions
        • involves other players
        • often quite serious
        • rules to prevent them
      • Impact injuries
        • contact with other players
        • impact with equipment like goal posts
        • impact with playing surface
      • Equipment/Clothing
        • faulty equipment
        • damaged equipment
        • badly fitting or inapropriate
      • Accidents
        • always be some accidents
    • Common injuries
      • Head injuries
        • make sure they are able to breathe
        • in coma position
        • mouth and nose are clear
        • concussion
          • loss of consciousness
          • very relaxed limbs
          • weak and irregular pulse
          • slow and shallow breathing
          • dilated pupils
      • Fractures
        • broken bones
        • snapping sound heard
        • pain in the area
        • abnormal shape or outline of limb
        • unnatural position
        • swelling
      • Hypothermia
        • rapid cooling of body
        • temp drops very quickly
        • remove wet clothing
    • RICE
      • for sprains, strains, pulled muscles, cramp and dislocation
        • sprain: overstretching or tearing of ligaments at a joint
        • strain: overstretching of a muscle
      • Rest
        • stop and rest the injury
      • Ice
        • apply ice to reduce swelling and relieve pain
      • Compression
        • bandage or tape to give support and pressure
      • Elevation
        • raise injured part to decrease circulation to the area


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