International Factors

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  • International Factors
    • International Events
      • Formula 1, Olympics, World Cup hockey, World cup Foot ball
    • High Profile Events
      • London Marathon, Superbowl, Premier League
    • Berlin 1936
      • Supremicy of Aryan Race. (no jews, blacks)
        • Jesse Owens beat Hitlers competitor and so he didn't shake his had to congratulate him. (Political)
    • Mexico City 1968
      • Black people were being discriminated
        • Tommie Smith and John Carlos
          • They were excluded from the Olympics and as they did a human rights act towards there countries flag
            • Pollitical and discrimination
    • Munich 1972
      • 8 Pallestinion terrorists kidnapped 9 of the Israle olympic team and killing 2 others.
        • This was to release some prisoners
          • 1 rescue personal died due to this political attack
    • Montreal 1976
      • They made a loos of $1.48 billion which took 30 years to pay off
        • NZ was banned for touring south arfica which was seen as a disagreeing  with views.
    • Moscow 1980
      • Soviet Invanvasion was happening in afganistan and 65 countries boycotted the games
    • Los Angeles 1984
      • The soviet Union and 14 other countries boycotted the games.
        • This was revenge
          • This was also the first commercialised games which made the USA $225 million
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of holding the games.
      • Shows of there country,  home advantage, developed grass roots, attracts other international competitions.
      • Costs millions, potential for failure, increase in crime, the hole country doesn't benefit.


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