The Sports Participation Pyramid

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  • Participation in Sport
    • Foundation Stage
      • The level that contains the most people.
      • At the bottom of the pyramid.
      • The level where people start or try an activity, where they only have the basic skills.
      • The introductory stage.
      • The level that includes the compulsory sport you do at school.
    • Performance Stage
      • People play in leagues (though not at top levels).
      • It is competitive.
      • Skill is improved by coaching and playing in competitions.
      • It is non-compulsory.
    • Elite (or excellence) Stage
      • This stage is made up of relatively few performers, who are at national and international levels.
      • Fewer people make it to this stage as it requires a huge amount of skill and determination.
    • Participation Stage
      • Fewer people are at the participation stage than at the foundation stage.
      • Sport is at a slightly higher level than at the foundation stage, but it is not as competitive as at the performance stage.
      • The level when you choose to continue with sport (e.g. playing in an after-school club).


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