International Factors

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  • International Factors
    • International Events
      • FIFA World Cup
      • Olympic Games
      • US Open Golf
      • Commonwealth Games
      • Hockey World Cup
      • Wimbledon
      • Badminton Horse Trials
    • High Profile Events
      • London Marathon
      • Ashes
      • Premier League
      • Champions League
      • Rugby 6 Nations
      • Ryder Cup
    • Why do we have international sport?
      • To become the best in the world
      • To unite countries and cultures
      • To inspire a generation
      • Travel opportunities
      • Home Advantages
    • Hosting an International Event
      • Disadvantages
        • It expensive, some countries can't afford it
        • Threat of Terrorism
        • Effect on local communities: -increased traffic -hospitals/police -increased crime
        • Increased riots/protests
        • Poor Planning and Organisation - creates a bad image for the country
      • Advantages
        • Increases Tourism
        • Increases Profits/revenue -that can be spent on improving grass roots development
        • Inspire a generation to participate
        • Creates jobs
        • Increase in number of world class facilities
        • Improved facilities around the country
        • Improved Infrastructure (transport)
        • Publicity - makes the country look good
        • Encourages hosting of other international events
        • Unites the country - national pride
    • Types of Competition
      • Ladder
        • Certain number or players enter and are ranked. Competition takes place over a period of time here matches have to be played by a certain date. Lower level player challenges a higher level player from 1 or 2 rungs above, if they win they swap places, number 1 at the end wins.
          • e.g. Squash
          • AD: everyone plays the same number of games DISAD: limited number of players
      • Round Robin
        • There are groups of teams who all play each other. Usually around 5 - 8 in a tournament
          • e.g. Premier League
          • AD: Everyone plays the same number of games
      • Knock-out Tournament
        • Large numbers can enter. Players are seeded or ranked. Rankings are spread out over the 1st round. Winners go through to the next round.
          • e.g. Wimbledon
          • AD: Lower ranked players/teams can win DISAD: only get one chance
      • Combination
        • Is a round Robin/Groups matches then followed by knockout rounds.
          • e.g. World Cup


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