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  • Signifcance of the Inspector's arrival in Act I
    • Structure
      • Obvious change from large blocks of text to short and concise answers.
        • Sense of confusion
        • Links to the shattering of B's speech
    • Dramatic devices
      • Door bell
        • "Sharp ring" cuts short B's speech.
      • Dramatic irony
        • B's speech summarises everything the Inspector is against.
        • B's speech  - Titanic and war
          • B is wrong about a lot of important things
      • Light
        • Symbolise truth or knowledge
        • Suggests that the Bs are in the dark.
      • Suspence
        • Both the audience and characters are forced to wait before seeing the Inspector.
          • Sense of anticipation
    • Language
      • "impression of massiveness, solidity and   purposefulness"
        • Shows dominace and demand for respect.
        • Makes B out to be weak and small.
      • Insector doesn't elaborate on his questions / answers.
        • Short and concise
        • Almost enjoys the frustration that B experiences.
    • Contrast between the happy atmosphere before, and the tense atmosphere after.


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