1.1.2 - (5): Opportunities for getting invovled in sport

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  • Initiatives to keep people involved
    • Government initiatives
      • Recent policy - "ensure all pupils receive their entitlement to two hours of high quality PE per week"
      • Encourages more pariticipation and improves fitness
    • PE School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL)
      • Set up by government to increase sporting opportunites for 5-16 year olds
      • Aims to strengthen links bewtween schools and local sports clubs
    • Sport England
      • Start: increase participation in sport to improve national health
      • Stay: retain people in sport through effective network of clubs, facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitions
      • Succeed: create opportunites for talented performers to achieve success
    • Youth Sport Trust TOP Link
      • Encourages 14-16 year olds to organise sports activities and dance festivals in schools
      • Experience as leader/official may count towards GCSE PE
    • Active Kids Programme
      • Supermarkets and enterprises run voucher programmes
      • Vouchers are used to buy sporting equipment


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