Schools and physical activity

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  • Schools & physical activity
    • PESSCL - PE in school sport & club link strategy
      • Is a government strategy aimes at getting 5-16 year olds to do at leat 2 hours of sport / PE per week
        • a school sport partnership is a group of schools that work together to try and improve the opportunities available to pupils to get involved in sport
          • partnerships get governement funding to help achieve this - some money goes into giving teachers time to plan extra curricular activities and build links with sports clubs
    • the Youth Sports Trust is a charity that helps children learn and develop through PE
      • TOP - programmes are a range of programmes to encourage kids of all ages and abilities to get into sport
        • active kids is a prgramme that involves people collecting vouchers from supermarket and donating them to schools or scout/guide groups to buy equipment and coaching
          • vouchers can also be used to buy tickets to sports events eg Prem Rugby
    • Sport England - a government organisation that tries to get people of all ages into sport
      • Their 3 main aims:1. start - increase participation in sports to improve health of the nation - focusing on priority groups
        • 2. Stay - keep people in sport for an effective network of clubs, facilities, coaches, volunteers and competition
          • 3. Succeed - create opportunitites for talented performers to achieve success


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