sporting bodies

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  • Opportunites to get involved or remain in sport
    • Aims of initiatives
      • Increase participation
      • Retain people in activity
      • Provide opportunities for talented performers
    • The youth sport trust
      • Independent charity which aims to give many children the benefits of participating in sport
    • Sport england
      • Sport england is a public body which supports NGBs
    • Sport participation pyramid
      • 4. Foundation- basic sporting skills begin to be learned eg. pe lessons
      • 3. Participation- regular participation in a particular sport for enjoyment
      • 2. Performance- Quality coaching is required at this level to allow individuals to develop sport-specific skills
      • 1. Excellence- reached a level of excellence, governing bodies are responsible for development
    • Coaches
      • Requires a good knowledge of sport, enthusiasm, communication and leadership skills
    • Official
      • Ensures safety and fairness of play
    • Volunteer
      • Give their time freely to give other people the opportunity to participate in sport


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