Topic 2 - ICT systems

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  • ICT systems
    • Back-Office systems
      • This runs a company’s business administration processes. 
        • Maintains records of sales transactions, purchasing, updating sale records, producing receipts and invoices, etc.
    • Transaction Processing system
      • Deals with the routine, day-to-day transactions of an organisation. 
        • Carries out repetitive tasks
    • Document management system
      • Large organisations need this to control the flow, storage and retrieval of documents. 
        • Physical documents can be stored elsewhere or discarded
        • Reduces the amount of time it takes to find documents
    • Workflow system
      • The process of how a document moves within an organisation.
    • Management information system
      • Uses operational-level data to provide management-level information.
        • An MIS aims to provide a manager with all the information needed to make decisions associated with the job as effectively as possible.
    • Decision support system
      • The purpose is to convert raw data from a variety of sources into information that will be used to make high quality decisions and identify and solve problems. 
    • Customer relationship management system
      • Software allows a business to collect, update, and maintain all of its customer data in one centralised location.
        • Improves customer service
    • E-commerce system
      • Enables organisation to provide online services


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