How was the Cold War fought?

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  • How the Cold War was fought!
    • Propaganda
      • Used to create the worst image of the other side
      • USA had the Voice of America radio station
      • SU had Progress Publishers which printed books to export to other countries
    • Arms Race
      • 1952 USA exploded the first H bomb
      • 1953 - Soviet Union exploded its first H bomb
        • Competition of who could build a nuke fastest
          • 1952 USA exploded the first H bomb
    • Space Race
      • Who could put a person on the moon first
      • 1969 American Astronaut became the first person to walk on the moon
      • 1957 SU launched first artificial satellite
    • Defence
      • 1980 USA started work on the Star wars Satellites
        • Could use Laser beams to destroy any incoming missiles
    • Espionage
      • Both sides spied to discover any military advancements
      • USA used U2 planes that could fly at great heights and gather photographic info
      • USA set up CIA to carry out spying
      • Soviets set up KGB committee for spying
    • Sport
      • used sporting victories to demonstrate how their ideology was better
      • 1980 USA boycotted Moscow Olympics as a protest against USSR invasion of Afghanistan
      • 1984 SU boycotted LA Olympics for fear of their athletes safety
    • Aid
      • USA involved in Vietnam and Korean War
      • SU invaded Poland and East Germany
      • Gave money to other countries to gain their support
      • 1948- USA Marshall Plan gave 16 billion to European countries
      • 1960 SU gave money to anti american Cuba


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