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The Cold War
By Sahra Adow…read more

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How did the cold war start in the first
· The cold war was a new conflict between the
usa and the ussr in which the never openly
fought each other directly. Instead it was a
battle of ideas including an arms race and a
propaganda war.…read more

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Capitalism vs communism
· The two superpowers* (the usa and the ussr)
had two completely diffrerent ideologies*
capitlism and communism.
· Capitalism
· Free elections (democratic goverment),
opportunity for all, political freedom, freedom
of speech, businesses were privately owned
meaning companies could go bankrupt.…read more

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· Pros
· Equality for all, higher moral as the
government are in charge of society.
· Cons
· No freedom
· Censorship
· Only one party to vote for in elections…read more

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The grand alliance
· In 1941, 3 leadders who had nothing in
common came together to discuss how to
defeat Hitler- the only thing that kept these
leaders together.They were otherwise known
as the `big three' which consisted of Josef
Stalin (USSR), Franklin Roosevelt (USA) and
Winston Churchill (BRITAIN). They had 3
conferences to discuss what they were going
to do. Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam.…read more

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Tehran Conference-
November 1943
· The `big three' agreed at this conference that
the soviet union could have a `soviet sphere of
influence' in Eastern Europe.
· But there were disagreements over germany's
· Stalin wanted weaken germany as they had
invaded them in both wars but Roosevelt and
churchill wanted to rebuild germany as they
remembered the…read more


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