The Nazi Dictatorship - How did they control things - THE PARTY VS THE STATE

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  • How did the Nazis control things whilst in power? ... THE PARTY VS THE STATE
    • The party - people who were part of the Nazis before they took power.
    • The state - the people in government and civil service before the Nazis took power.
    • The State - Reich Chancellory - run by Lammers
      • Judiciary, state government, police, ministries.
    • The party
      • Party chancellors, Gauleiters, DAF, Hitler Youth, **.
        • Gauleiters had strong power and influence as they had control over their own individual areas. They often had access to Hitler.
    • People in neither
      • Armed forces, people's court, 4 year plan, propaganda ministry, Ribbentrop bureau
    • Rivalries between institutions
      • This made them all work to the best of their abilities which benefitted Hitler.
    • Important individuals who did have access
      • Goerring, Goebbels (Gauleiter of Berlin and in charge of propaganda), Himmler (head of **), Bormann


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