Hitler's steps to war - AQA History Paper 1 international relations

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  • Hitler's steps to war (CRAMCUP)
    • 1) Conscription and rearmament
      • Hitler reintroduced conscription in Germany in 1935 - defying the treaty of versailles
        • But Britain and France let him get away with it.
    • 2) Remilitarisation of the Rhineland
      • 7th March '36, Hitler invades the Rhineland
        • It was a bluff, and the army had orders to retreat if met with resistance, but Britain and France did nothing.
        • It was allowed as it was seen as Hitler 'marching into his own backyard'
        • This also went against the Treaty of Versailles
    • 3) Anschluss (union of Germany and Austria)
      • this was forbidden by the T of V but Hitler got away with it as Britain and France did nothing
      • He encouraged the Austrian Nazis to demand union with Germany, and then invaded in 1938.
    • 4) Munich - here in 1938, Hitler was given the Sudetenland
      • He saw this area of land as part of Germany as it contained thousands of German speaking people
      • Because of this, Hitler was appeased yet again and allowed to get away with it.
      • In Munich in 1938, Neville Chamberlin gave Hitler the Sudetenland
    • 5) Czechoslovakia
      • Hitler had the Sudetenland, and then in 1939, he invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia.
      • This was the point at which most people realised Hitler was not going to stop.
    • 6) USSR/Nazi Pact
      • Initially a union was to be formed between Britain and Russia, but they feared the USSR's communism so kept delaying.
      • Stalin got irritated waiting for Britain to sign and so instead formed a pact with Hitler and the germans
      • By uniting with Hitler, Stalin knew he would get half of Poland when they decided to invade
    • 7) Poland
      • In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland.
      • Britain had a 'Polish Guarantee' saying that they promised to defend Poland if they were invaded.
      • And so Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September 1939


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