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this is the whole set of the AQA international relations notes covers all the subjects you need to know. also includes what the are(names) how much its worth (%) and also has a grade boundaries on first to pages. i passed my paper using these notes with a A so hope they help

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What is GCSE history about?
Treaty of Versailles

What were the motives and aims of the big three at Versailles?

Why did the victors not get everything they want from the treaty?

What were the immediate reactions to the peace settlement?
League of nations

What were the aims of the…

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50 marks
GCSE grade boundaries

A* - 90%
A ­ 80%
D- 50%
U- Below 20%

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What were the aims of the `big three' at the Paris peace

George Clemenceau

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The treaty of Versailles

War guilt

Germany had to except the blame for the war and was being treated harshly by
the treaty


As Germany is to blame for the war, they have to pay for the damages, £6600
million. Germany only just finished paying it of in 2010…

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By the treaty Germanys oversea empire was taken away and distributed to
counties that have suffered damage during the war. Germany has also been
banned from having an Anschluss with Austria.

German armed forces

The German army/navy had many restrictions put on it:
Only 100,000 men were aloud in the…

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The Rhineland was Wanted more money
demilitarized from Germany

Germany paid for the Germany was still
damage they caused loud 100,000 men in
the army and 6
Gain land back from battleships
Germany was not
split into smaller

George Clemenceau
Gained land to add to Germany still had…

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Diktat- dictated peace

Germany was not aloud to negotiate with the big three about the terms
and conditions, as they thought that Germany would have extreme ideas
about it.

Germany was forced to sign the treaty on threat of the war to carry on.
Germany could not afford it and…

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Treaty Date Dealt with Details
Treaty of 1919 Austria Bohemia and
St.Germain Moravia to
create a new
state called
restricted army
to 30,000 men
and forbidden
them to unit
with Germany
Treaty of 1919 Bulgaria Lost land to
Neuilly Greece, Romania
and Yugoslavia
and access to the
sea. Limited…

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The League of Nations was Woodrow Wilson's idea and one of his 14
point in the treaty of Versailles to ensure that another war never
It was set up n 1920 to settle distributes between countries
Germany wasn't aloud to join the league of nations until they had

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The League of Nations was the Americans idea in the first place
however they never joined. Woodrow Wilson made this point on
the treaty of Versailles and felt that it would help to bring peace
through out the world. This point was thought of as no one really
wanted another…


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