Hitlers Consolidation of Power

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  • Hitler's "Immediate" Consolidation of Power 1933-1934
    • Hitler made chancellor on 30th January 1933
      • Currently only 3 Nazis in the cabinet
        • Hitler, Goring and Frick
    • 27th Feb 1933 - Reichstag Fire
      • Van Der Lubbe - young, Dutch Communist - put on trial and executed
      • SA "found" 1000s of leaflets for Communist putsch - there was no other evidence
      • Hitler exploits 'paranoia' and is granted Article 48 powers
      • Article 48 abuse allowed Hitler to remove main political opponents (e.g. Communists) before 5th March elections
        • Law for the Protection of People and State
          • Marshal Law
          • No one could criticise Hitler or the Nazis
        • 4000 Communists rounded up in 1 week
          • Orianenburg Prison
        • Goring's notorious "shooting decrees"
          • SA to shoot Communists in the street
          • Abuse of constitution
        • Communists and members of other left-wing parties (Social Democrats) intimidated by SA.
    • Goebels took over all media organisations and controlled the publication of press
      • All opposition newspapers shut down
    • March 5th Elections failed to get Nazi majority
    • March 23rd 1933 - The Enabling Law
      • Essentially made Hitler a dictator
      • Made Germany a one-party state
      • Trade unions ransacked by SA and closed down
        • Workers now had to join RAD/DAF (workers unions)
      • Gave special powers to Hitler for 4 years
      • An act of desperation to dismantle the Weimar Constitution "legally"
    • Social Democrats went into exile/underground
      • Set up HQ in Prague
    • Why was Rohm becoming a threat?
      • Wanted a revolution
      • Wanted a pay rise for the SA
      • Wanted to merge the SA with the army and be in charge
      • Openly criticised Hitler and called him "soft"
      • Army generals (e.g. Von Blomberg) were becoming increasingly alarmed at the size and demands of the SA
        • Viewed the SA as a threat
    • June/July 1934 The Night of the Long Knives
      • Utlised most trusted members of the ** (personal bodyguard)
      • Hitler acts as urged by Himmler, Goring and Goebbels
      • Hitler announced over the radio that the killings were 'legal' and sanctioned by Hindenburg
      • Murdered Rohm, other torublesome SA leaders, non-conforming Nazis and political opponents
    • Death of Hindenburg and Oath of Loyalty
      • Hindenburg died in August 1934
      • Army swears oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer NOT Germany
      • Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    • What 3 organisations remained a threat to Hitler?
      • 1. President Hindenburg
      • 2. The Army
      • 3. Rohm and the SA


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