The Birth and Development of the Nazi Party Before 1928


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The Birth and Development of the Nazi Party Before 1928
Started as the DAP founder by Drexler in1919,
Changed name to NSDAP a year later,
Also in 1920 Drexler and new member Hitler set out 25 point program,
Anti Versailles,
Anti Semitic,
Anti Capitalist,
By December the Party had grown in size due to the work new members including Hitler, Rohm and
By mid1921 Hitler was the driving force behind the movement,
In the following three years Hitler consolidated his leadership and influence, he was the Party
Chairman by July 1921,
This was followed by the creating of the SA (Storm Troopers), the Nazi street fighters. Were led by
The Nazis had:
a Nazi Salute, a Clear Party Identity and a Uniform.
Hitler also introduced some important influential new members
Julius Streicher was a Bavarian who was extremely Anti Semitic, he helped Nazism successfully
establish in Bavaria.
Hermann Goering was a well connected air force hero, he was wealthy, respected and knew
Hindenburg's son.
The Munich "Beer Hall" Putsch, 1923.
An attempt to take over the Government that Failed due to:
Been badly planned,
Having less public support than expected,
Hitler been too reliant on Ludendorff,
And the two coplanner, Kahr and Lossow, holding back at the last minute.
The consequences:
14 Nazis Killed,
Hitler arrested for treason,
Himmler injured but managed to escape the country,
SA outlawed,
Hitler turns trial in to propaganda success,
Won the respect of right wing groups,
Only received 5 years prison sentence only served 10 months,
Wrote Mein Kampf while in prison.
Rebuilding the Party.
Hitler decided on two new major strategies:
1. Establish absolute control over the party,
2. Get power by legal means.
Strasser Brother Gregor and Otto

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Gregor joined party in 1920 loyal to Hitler,
1926 Bamberg Conference led to power struggle where Stresser tried to remove Hitler from power,
They were unsuccessful and Hitler reasserted his supremacy,
The party was now to run on Fuhrerpinzip no room for disagreement.…read more


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